Jonathan Brown

AFL Champion and Nova 100 breakfast radio announcer, Jonathan ‘Browny’ Brown and his family have a personal connection with EB. It’s something that is close to his heart having family friends living and facing the daily challenges that EB brings. He’s heavily involved and a passionate advocate for EB Research Partnership Australia.

Anna Hutchison

Anna Hutchison, best known for her role as Alison Dine in Underbelly: A Tale of Two Cities, and is looking to use her platform to raise awareness of the little-known disease. Anna became involved with the EB Research Partnership Australia after hearing about the brave little children & adults who suffer with Epidermolysis Bullosa and becoming impassioned to bring more attention towards finding a cure for this disease.

Emerson Harvey

Emerson Harvey is a young Motorsport star-on-the-rise, recently winning 2019 Rookie of the Season in the Formula 4 category. Emerson has a strong personal connection with Epidermolysis Bullosa and is honored to be the Junior Ambassador for EB Research Partnership Australia. Emerson is dedicated to raising much needed awareness throughout his network and we are thrilled to have him onboard.

Cam Sinclair

Cam (Sincs) Sinclair is an Australian freestyle motocross rider (FMX) and Nitro Circus legend. He is one of a handful of athletes in the world who has landed a double backflip on a motorcycle, and getting there was every bit as hard as you can imagine — in fact, it almost cost him everything.

Cam has fought and overcome his own health issues. After awakening from a coma and having to learn to walk and talk again, he says that nothing compares to the constant fight that people living with EB face every day. Cam learnt about EB after Tilly Wilkes was born through EBRP (Aus) Chairman Scott Didier. Cam knows what sufferers and their families battle against everyday, and it makes him determined to help and join the fight to cure EB.

Welcome to the team Cam!